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Nauman Shakir

I’m a Full Stack IoT Solution Architect ready to build and deploy end-to-end IoT solutions.

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About Nauman

Nauman Shakir is a Full-Stack IoT Engineer who loves to build and deliver full-fledged IoT solutions with 4 years of professional prototyping, manufacturing and deployment experience encompassing C/C++ , Python, Linux Systems, Hardware Design, DevOps and IoT Product Design.

Currently working as IoT Solution Architect for a Dutch warehouse management company for which I built a package-location tracking system from scratch. Before that I programmed an electronic bike-locking/charging system with 10 different stations around Germany, a sensor-based temperature monitoring system for a company in the US, and a cloud-based greenhouse automation system for an agribusiness in New Zealand.

My Tech-Stack comprises of

C/C++ | Linux | Python/uPython | JavaScript | IoT Prototype Design | SBCs/MCUs | PCB Design | Fusion360/SolidWorks | Git | MQTT | DevOps | AWS (IoT) | Azure | Docker | Kubernetes | CI/CD | HTML/CSS | Blockchain | NodeJS | VueJS | MySQL | MongoDB | STM32 | RTOS/FreeRTOS | Altium | OpenProject | Scrum | Agile.

Why Nauman Shakir?

Fast Pace

Every new IoT project excites me. I work as fast as possible to provide a working prototype of any IoT Project idea.

Above and Beyond

While working on a new IoT project that requires new skill-sets other than what I currently have, I don’t hesitate to learn new thing at a fast pace to complete the project.

Always up-to-date

As an IoT Engineer, I keep myself up-to-date with all new tech stacks and frameworks that are emerging. I love to use bleeding-edge frameworks and don’t hesitate to learn them.

Smart Work

I believe in working smart. I love to manage my projects and document them in order to keep everything organized. I use Github/GitLab and other productivity tools.

Keeping-Up with Deadline

I adhere to the timeline of the project and to keep track of the project I use Google Keep and Trello.

Quick Learner

I’m a quick learner and I learn by experimenting. I love to learn new technologies and techniques and apply them in my projects. I always avoid using outdated tech.

My Projects

I have completed over 300 small to medium-scale IoT Projects for clients around the world.

from Skills import *

IoT Product Design | Embedded Systems | Circuit and PCB Design |              Linux Systems | Programming | Project Management | Business Development

Full-Stack IoT

Full-Stack IoT

  • IoT Product Preliminary Research
  • IoT Product Prototype Design
  • IoT Product Design
  • Cloud Services(AWS IoT)
  • IoT Product Manufacturing Support


Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

  • Prototyping and Evaluation Boards(Arduino, DevKits)
  • SBCs(Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Intel Joule, Intel Edison, etc.)
  • MCUs(ESP32, ESP8266, AVR, STM32, Teensy, Particle Photon/Electron, etc.)
  • OS(RPi OS, Debian, Arch, Yocto, OpenWRT)
  • Frameworks(Arduino, RTOS,, AVR, Embedded C, ESP-IDF)


  • Python/Python3/uPython
  • C/C++
  • JS, NodeJS
  • NodeRED
  • VueJS
  • Visual Basic .Net
  • Bash Scripting
  • Development Tools(VS Code, Nano,
  • Versioning Tools(Git, Github, GitLab)
Linux Systems

Linux System Administration

  • OS(Ubuntu, Vanilla Debian, Arch)
  • Linux Server installation/configuration.
  • Cloud(AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure)
  • Containerization(Docker,, CapRover)
  • Virtualization(Type-1 and Type-2 Hypervisors like Proxmox, VMware VSphere, Virtual Box)
  • Firewall and Router OSes like OPNSense and pfSense configuration and installation.
  • Automation(Bash and Python Scripting)
Circuit Design and 3D Modeling

Circuit Design and 3D Modeling

  • 3D Modeling(Fusion360, SolidWorks)
  • 3D Printing(Cura)
  • Circuit and PCB Designing(KiCAD, EasyEDA, Fritzing)
business developement

Business Development and Project Management

  • Product and Project Management(Trello, OpenProject, Slack, Facebook Workplace)
  • Product Feasibility Research.
  • Business Models, Business Plans and Business Canvas.
  • Business Digitization(Google Workspace, AWS Workmail/Workspace, Mautic, Akaunting, OpenProject)

Work Experience

Over 4 years of professional work experience in the IoT domain.

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Full-Stack IoT Engineer(Remote)

Eindhoven, Netherlands

02/2021 – Present

A Dutch warehouse management company for which I worked remotely, building their package-location tracking and management system from scratch. Ensured each package is equipped with a circuit/sensor to track boxes during shipment using C/C++, NodeJS, Python. Designed multiple prototypes, PCBs and implemented the software on Linux servers. Hardware used includes Raspberry Pis, ESP32, SX1276, GPS, IMUs etc.  After setting up this IoT devices management system, they are now using it in their high-value shipments for testing. Used LoRA wireless mesh technology to ensure smooth communication between the different sensors. Built a web app through which employees can manage devices Their growth in terms of reliability/efficiency of tracking process is expected to increase by 60% leading to more happy customers.

Tech used: C/C++ | Python | NodeJS | NodeRED | Git | MQTT | Embedded Systems | Electronics | PCB Design | Fast Prototyping | KiCad | EasyEDA | Fusion360 | Linux Servers | Manufacturing | Deployments | Docker.

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Full-Stack IoT Engineer(Remote)

Bruckmühl, Germany

08/2020 – 10/2021

Built an electronic bike-locking/charging system with 10 different stations around Bavaria to park and charge 10 bikes per station. I provided an end-to-end solution by designing the circuits, PCBs, programming them, and developing the front-end and back-end using NodeJS, Python and C++. Hardware used was Raspberry Pis, ESP32 etc. I managed their Linux server and deployed the backend. Made a web-app for customers to communicate with the stations and get their bikes charge status using NodeRED. 

Tech used: C/C++ | Python | NodeJS | NodeRED | Git | MQTT | Cloud Native Software Development | DevOps | Embedded Systems |  Electronics | PCB Design | Fast Prototyping | KiCad | EasyEDA | Fusion360 | Linux Servers | Manufacturing | Deployments | Docker | Project Management.

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Full-Stack IoT Engineer(Remote)

Albuquerque, USA

04/2021 – 10/2021

An AI engineering provider company for sensor-based temp/health monitoring with devices showing people’s body temperature when looking into a sensor camera. Worked remotely, building their OTA-update automation system so they can push firmware updates to their Linux-based devices all at once. I programmed the system using Python, Bash and NodeJS and deployed the backend on a Linux server. Now they are using my system in 100+ deployed IoT devices.

Tech used: Python | NodeJS | MongoDB | Mosquitto | MQTT | Git | Embedded Systems | Linux Servers | Deployments | Docker.

IoT Solution Architect

Lahore, Pakistan

09/2019 – 01/2021

Led a team of 4 to integrate a Contactless Temperature Sensing Device (CTS) with a payroll management system (Finja), i.e. embedded device to measure the temperature of employees using IR sensors (MLX90614 and TOF). Prototyped/designed universal electronic door-locks add-on device DoorNinja with a smartphone app to allow scheduled and managed access to electronic door locks. Delivered 10+ different DoorNinjas to clients across the country. Used ESP32, EPS8266, AVR MCUs. Furthermore, I designed PayNinja to accept digital payments at venues without the internet by exposing a secure WiFi AP to which users can connect and do payment validation/verification over a GPRS connection via EasyTickets (an all-in-one payment app). PayNinja was deployed at 20+ events. Prototyped and designed an add-on (CashlessVend) to allow digital payments from classical vending machines over machine communication protocol MDB.

Tech used: C/C++ | Python | NodeJS | NodeRED | Git | uPython | Linux Servers | HTTP APIs | MQTT | PCB Design | Embedded Systems | Electronics | KiCad | EasyEDA | Fusion360 | 3D Printing | Manufacturing.

Full-Stack IoT Engineer(Remote)

Auckland, New Zealand

02/2019 – 04/2020

I created a cloud-based greenhouse automation/management system for this agribusiness where sensor nodes ensure perfect growing conditions of their plants by measuring temperature, carbon dioxide, fertilizer and pH level. Intra-device communication works via WiFi and bluetooth. I built the system using C/C++, Python, NodeJS. Hardware used include ESP32, ESP8266, Raspberry Pis, numerous sensors and actuators, Linux Gateways etc. I designed an app (smartphone and web) for employees to track the growth, control water & nutrients supply, and check related environmental parameters in real-time.

Tech used: C/C++ | Python | uPython | NodeJS | NodeRED | Git | MQTT | Embedded Systems | Electronics | PCB Design | Cloud-Native Development | DevOps | Fast Prototyping | KiCad | EasyEDA | Fusion360 | Linux | Manufacturing | Docker.

Co-Founder / Software Engineer

Lahore, Pakistan

06/2018 – 09/2019

Led a team of 4 engineers, delivered 100+ end-to-end IoT projects/prototypes for clients across the world. Built a PoC of Imsaar, a Hardware Project Life-cycle Management Platform and got selected at Netsol‘s incubator Nspire‘s 5th cycle.

Tech used: C/C++ | Python | NodeJS | VueJS | Git | AWS | Docker | Bash

Have a next big IoT Product Idea?

Do you have a next big IoT Product Idea? want to make it a reality? You are at the rigt place. Let’s start discussing the possible solutions.

How do I Work?

I start my IoT project development journey by gathering the requirements and then drafting a Preliminary Research Report that includes a detailed technical and operational analysis of the project to be developed. After the Preliminary Research Report is approved, I start working on the Prototype Design of the project using off-the-shelf components and meanwhile I keep developing the dashboards and apps and deploy them on the server to test the prototype. Once I have the required bits and pieces, I start working on the final product design(BOM Selection, PCB, Casing Design, etc.) and finally the design files are sent to the manufacturer.

My Workflow


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Let’s make next big IoT Product together!

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I’m Nauman Shakir who loves to build end-to-end IoT Products.